One of the biggest challenges in long-term day treatment for adolescents is missing school. As a parent or loved one, we want to see our children stay on track and reach their full academic potential.

At GAP, we get it. That’s why schooling is a key component of each day in our program. Through our on-site homebound instruction provided by Silvergate Prep, New Jersey certified teachers help your child to keep up with their education and assist them in fine-tuning and developing social skills necessary to transition back into their classes and interact with peers.

Silvergate Prep fosters a calm and comfortable environment for adolescents to learn, grow, and feel accepted.

The Details

Silvergate Prep is a clinical agency that is approved through the New Jersey Department of Education. Our instructors will be the liaison between your child and their teachers at their district school. They will be in communication regularly, ensuring full comprehension of their subject matter, sending all completed work to their school, proctoring exams, and compiling weekly updates about their academic accomplishments for the week.

Home Bound instruction is provided to GAP clients “on-site” at each of our four locations by our New Jersey certified teachers. We follow your child’s curriculum from their district schools in order to ensure they will be back on track once they return.

Our instructors review each individual’s academic needs and IEPs in order to best understand them as a student. In addition to working with your child’s school, our teachers are given time to get to know the students on their own to ensure that they are fully caught up with their classmates and can make the most successful transition back to school.

Part of each day at GAP is dedicated solely to learning and growing academically. As a child progresses in their treatment, a “study hall” will be added to provide them more time meet their academic goals, help them get in the groove of school, and ease their transition back into their district school upon the completion of their treatment.

Our Brick location offers the Alternate Setting Program (ASP), where districts can place children for continued home bound instruction. Students that may be experiencing truancy, suspensions, school anxiety, school phobia, and social phobia would be possible candidates for placement.

Continuity of Care

Our 6-8 week program is designed with the intention of returning your child to school for good. With a more thorough and comprehensive initial treatment plan, we strive to prevent relapse in behaviors and ensure a smooth transition with long lasting effects.

Communication with your child’s school is important, and their involvement is key. We want progress to continue beyond G.A.P., and the best way to achieve that is by getting everyone on the same page.

G.A.P. will work actively with outside schools not only to keep each child on track, but also to collaborate on the best plan of action for your child. A school representative will be present (in person or by phone) during your child’s comprehensive team meeting, alongside our child psychiatrist, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN), therapists, G.A.P. teachers, your family, and any additional supportive services. They will be kept in the loop on your child’s needs and progress, so that when it does come time for them to return to school, s/he will be better prepared and capable of succeeding.

About GAP

The GenPsych Adolescent Program (G.A.P.) is a 6-8 week treatment program for children and teens experiencing various issues, such as anxiety, depression, defiance, anger, self-harm, mood disorders, substance abuse, and more.

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